Caregivers in Canada

Caregivers in Canada is associated with DIS Canada Ltd. for all Canadian Immigration needs. Please visit for more information.

Caregivers in Canada helps families find the support that is demanded by them so that you can find time for what truly matters!

Caregivers in Canada can assist you in finding:

You may find a caregiver on your own or we can assist you find one.
Our Caregivers will ensure:

  • A clean home

  • Home cooked meals

  • and more!

Caregivers in Canada assist the immigration process of caregivers into Canada (whether they are in the country already or abroad). Should you wish to hire one of the caregivers we introduce to your family, we will get the right fit!

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Caregivers in Canada

Nanny/ Caregiver Services Scarborough, Toronto, ON

Caregivers in Canada is in partnership with DIS CANADA LTD. We help individuals and families look for the care that is needed on behalf of their families.

Whether you are looking for a nanny to look after your children while you are away at work or if you need a caregiver to look after your aging parents, we can assist you.

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