Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring an In-Home Caregiver

  • Q: How long does it to take to hire a caregiver from outside or inside of Canada?
  • Q: How much does hiring a caregiver cost? How much are they paid?
  • Q: Should I hire a local caregiver (Canadian citizen/permanent resident) or a foreign worker?
  • Q: Can a caregiver be hired full time or part time?

A: Hiring a caregiver requires the application to be accurately filled out. Most applications can take up to 6 months; however some are less some are more. The more accurately an application is filled out the faster it will be. When many people apply on their own, the application package gets returned back and forth a few times because it is usually not completed fully.


A: This depends upon what your families needs are. Do you need a nanny to take care of your children before and after school or are you someone who needs your caregiver to work overtime hours for your elder father? We *guarantee *to offer competitive fees for our services and make sure that it is affordable and fair for your families needs. Most caregivers hired overseas are paid the minimum wage of that Canadian province. Contact us to discuss our fees!


Foreign caregivers:

  • Usually paid minimum wage
  • The rate of retention is usually longer (2+ year period); contracts renewable.
  • In most cases the caregiver-employer relationship is firmly built
  • Can live-in or live- out of your home

Local caregivers:

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents usually request higher wages.
  • The rate of retention is usually lower; most caregivers look for shorter contracts.
  • Local caregivers usually want less duties in their job description
  • In most cases, they are live-out- caregivers

A: Caregivers from overseas can be hired for 30 and 40 hours a week.